Question: Where Are The Keycards In GO Bank?

How many pagers are there in Payday 2?

four pagersThe team as a whole may answer up to four pagers during a heist; the operator will not believe a player answering a fifth pager and, upon completing the call, the operator will raise the alarm..

Can you stealth GO bank?

The bank’s guards and investigating officers may drop additional cable ties, which can alleviate this or even remove the need for rigorous shouting. Acquiring the cards and answering the phone, the heist thus continues as usual for stealth.

How do I disable cameras in Payday 2?

If you want to temporarily disable cameras you need to plant an ECM near them. If there’s a guy in a security room, taking him out will make cameras unable to spot you for the rest of the heist (on that map).

Where is the keycard in Payday 2 bank heist?

The keycard to get into the security may be on one of the bank employees, or just on the desk in the open-door office next to the lobby. Once you get through the vault door, an additional inner door might or might not be present.

How do you Stealth go bank?

A good start would be to find a guard that you can isolate and kill silently. Then, with enough points in the stealth tree, put down an ECM so you can disable the cameras, kill the other guard, and shoot the cameras. Keep in mind that they can spawn on the outside of the bank as well.

How many guards are in the bank heist?

four guardsThere are four guards in total, including the camera operator, so they may all be safely eliminated without raising an alarm. Be advised that on Normal there are only three guards. One of the best ways to quickly get one guard is to see if there is a camera on the roof of the bank.

How do you use heist in a sentence?

gang of bank robbers pull off the perfect heist, only to be foiled by a little old lady.