Quick Answer: Can I Trust Loot Za?

Is loot a genuine site?



Most of the puppy sellers on here are scammers.

Do not buy any puppies or kittens from here.

I have complained to Loot.com many times but they never reply..

Where is loot based?

Loot.co.za, Unit 3, Khutaza Park, Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Westlake, 7945, South Africa.

How do I track my loot order?

There’s a [Track orders] link at the bottom of the our web page. This lists all the orders which have not yet been completed, including orders that have been placed but not paid for. Just click on the order number link, then press the [Pay for this order] button.

Is it safe to buy from loot Co Za?

DON NOT BUY FROM LOOT.CO.ZA Only after your order, then they tell you that the order has to be imported to South Africa and it will take weeks if not months to get here.

Is RARU za legit?

Raru are at least legit.

Which courier company does loot use?

Fedexlootcoza on Twitter: “@KateFZA Fedex handles our courier deliveries.

Does loot deliver on weekends?

We are not open on Sundays or public holidays. We don’t charge for delivery if you choose to collect.

How do I sell on loot?

Once you have registered as a seller on Loot Marketplace the following process comes into play:List your products on the Seller Portal. You can add products to the Loot Marketplace Catalogue one at a time, or if you have the capacity you can add batches of items using our load sheet.Start Selling. … Ship. … Get Paid.

What is a loot based game?

In video games, loot describes valuable items picked up by the player character over the course of the game, such as in-game currency, spells, equipment and weapons. … “Ninja-looting” is the resulting practice of looting items off enemies defeated by other players.