What Does Pants Stand For?

What is in your pants that only belongs to you?

What’s in your pants, belongs only to you… Your pants cover up your private parts.

Your private parts belong only to you if someone asks to see, just tell them “no.”.

Is CAJ a word?

First, the abbreviation of a word should not be longer or more complex than the word itself. Second, it should embody something of the spirit of the word. Caj is simple, direct, and brief—Dress code: caj—but it also lends itself to languorous lengthening: The date was cajjjjjjjjjj.

What does DAJ stand for in accounting?

Debtors Allowance JournalDAJ (Debtors Allowance Journal) CPJ (Cash Payments Journal)

What does pants stand for Nspcc?

The campaign, launched on radio and online on Monday, advises parents to explain to children about what it calls “the underwear rule”, using the acronym PANTS, which is that: Privates are private. Always remember your body belongs to you. No means no. Talk about secrets that upset you.

What is the full meaning of pants?

Options Rating PANTSDefinition. Options. Rating. PANTS. Place Animals Names Things and Score.

What does being pants mean?

Brit. slang. Rubbish; nonsense. Freq. in pile (also load) of pants.

What does CAJ stand for?

CAJAcronymDefinitionCAJCanadian Association of JournalistsCAJChina Academic JournalsCAJChannel Access for JavaCAJCommittee on the Administration of Justice (UK)21 more rows

How do you tell your kids about private parts?

Tell them, “If you want/need to talk about private parts, talk to Mommy or Daddy privately or within our house but not in public.” It’s not only important to explain to kids that their parts are private, but that others’ parts are private as well. We respect others by allowing them to keep their parts private.

What is Pantosaurus?

Talk PANTS helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.