Who Was The First Black Music Artist?

What is the number 1 music genre in the world?

Pop, rock and oldies were the top three favorite genres from across the globe, while hip-hop/rap, dance/electronic and indie/alternative also preceded K-pop in the rankings.

Metal, R&B and classical music followed.

According to the report, hip-hop is popular particularly among those aged 16-24..

Which black artist has won the most GRAMMYs?

Quincy Jones with 28 awards holds the record for most Grammy Awards won by a producer (and eleven of those were awarded for production duties. Jones also received Grammys as an arranger and a performing artist). Some producers have also won awards as engineers, mixers and/or mastering engineers.

Who is the most famous black musician?

Miles Davis. There are other artists on this list directly responsible for the creation of musical genres.James Brown. A lot of things in a list like this are up for debate. … Jimi Hendrix. … Louis Armstrong. … Chuck Berry. … Aretha Franklin. … Ray Charles. … Duke Ellington. … More items…•

Who are some black singers?

Aretha Franklin and 11 Other Black Singers Who Got Their Start in ChurchAretha Franklin. Photo: Bill Marino/Sygma via Getty Images.Whitney Houston. … Otis Redding. … Marvin Gaye. … The Staple Singers. … The Emotions (L-R Wanda Hutchinson, Pamela Hutchinson, and Sheila Hutchinson) … Donna Summer. … Stephanie Mills.More items…•

Who won the most GRAMMYs?

Most Grammy Award-winning individuals of all time as of 2020Number of Grammy Awards receivedSir Georg Solti31Quincy Jones28Alison Krauss27Pierre Boulez266 more rows•Feb 14, 2020

Who was the first black person to win a Grammy?

1. Michael Jackson. The first artist to win eight GRAMMYs in one night: Michael Jackson (1983). In that Thriller of a year, Jackson also became the first artist to amass 12 nominations in one night.

Who is the best black female singer?

Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys became an international star with her singular mix of classic and contemporary R&B. … Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin is one of the giants of soul music, and indeed of American pop as a whole. … Bessie Smith. … Beyoncé … Billie Holiday. … Celia Cruz. … Chaka Khan. … Diana Ross.More items…•

Who is the greatest soul singer of all time?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top 10 R&B/Soul Singers of All…Sam Cooke.Aretha Franklin. … Ray Charles. … Al Green. … Stevie Wonder. … James Brown. … Smokey Robinson. … Luther Vandross. Luther Vandross got his big break in 1974 when David Bowie recruited him to sing back-up vocals on Young Americans. … More items…•

Who is the most famous musician in America?

Famous American MusiciansEddie Van Halen. 26 January 1955. Guitarist.Billie Eilish. 18 December 2001. Singer-Songwriter.Michael Jackson. 29 August 1958.Elvis Presley. 08 January 1935.Taylor Swift. 13 December 1989. Singer-songwriter.Eminem. 17 October 1972.Stevie Nicks. 26 May 1948. Singer-Songwriter.Gwen Stefani. 03 October 1969.More items…

Who was the first black person to win an Oscar?

Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel becomes first African American actress to win Oscar. On February 29, 1940, Gone with the Wind is honored with eight Oscars by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Who is the most famous African American singer?

12 Black Musicians Who Changed Music ForeverPrince. American singer-songwriter Prince was a remarkably talented musician that first captured the world’s attention with his numerous album releases in the 1980s. … Bob Marley. … Marvin Gaye. … Stevie Wonder. … Ray Charles. … Louis Armstrong. … Whitney Houston. … Aretha Franklin.More items…

Who is the biggest artist in the world?

Most followersEd Sheeran is the most-followed artist on Spotify.Ariana Grande is the most-followed female artist on Spotify.Drake was the most-streamed artist on Spotify in 2015, 2016 and 2018—the most years of any artist.

Who was the first black male singer?

George W. Johnson (singer)George W. JohnsonBirth nameGeorge Washington JohnsonBornc. October 1846 (exact date unknown) Virginia, USOriginNew York City, New York, USDiedJanuary 23, 1914 Queens, New York City, New York, US8 more rows

Who was the first black woman singer?

Unfortunately, as male-dominated country blues grew in popularity women fell out of the spotlight. During the blues revival, about 30 years later, Mamie Smith became the first black female vocalist to record a blues song.